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Energy Connections is a specialist renewable energy company with many years of experience providing tailored solutions to customer needs. 

We specialize in Off-Grid also known as Standalone, Grid-connected Solar Systems and install Hybrid Battery back up power systems.

We have a showroom and retail outlet in Pakenham Victoria, an outer suburb of Melbourne.


Hybrid Solar systems, Storage and Self Consumption

As feed-in tariffs are decreasing, the business case for a home energy storage system that increases self-consumption becomes more solid every day. Battery storage allows increased self-consumption of harvested solar and/or wind power. The natural next step is 100% self-consumption and independence from the grid. Battery storage also provides power back up in the event the grid is down.

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Off Grid

You may choose to be off the grid because there is no grid available or by active choice. We are experts at designing and installing an off grid solar system that meets your demand for energy. Because the sun cannot always provide enough energy a solar system is often supported by a generator set.


Sodium Nickel Chloride batteries

Australian seller of world-class FIAMM sonick Sodium Nickel Chloride batteries, intrinsically safe by design, compact, 100% recyclable, long life.

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