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Whether you choose to go off grid because there is no grid available, an unreliable grid or by active choice. Energy Connections offers you such an answer, We are experts at designing and installing an off grid solar system that meets your demand for energy and application. Because the sun cannot always provide enough energy a solar system is often supported by a generator set. Our experienced staff here at will be more than happy to guide you through the design and installation options to suit your application and budget, while also assisting any further inquiries you may have.

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Energy Connections has teamed up with the International Institute of Dressage (IID) to supply a unique solution to run their training facility and possibly the worlds first all Off Grid robotic horse, Stanley (pictured above). The IID was founded by Natasha Althoff , now a Grand Prix dressage rider, and has set up the institute in the small town of Garfield, Victoria. At the International Institute of Dressage, their focus is on coaching with Olympic dressage specialists to help riders that are looking to progress to the next level of their riding. The IID goes by their mission statement " To inspire, educate and support" therefore providing a goal-focused, supportive and high standard environment for the students and their dressage horses.

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Here is one of Energy Connections latest installations in the town Ellinbank, Victoria just south of Warragul, a project to revitalize an older existing 24-volt system. The previous system had been added on to overtime, but the panels were old and all over the place. One inverter had failed, the batteries from 1993 had had enough and the old generator and battery charger had stopped working, with the client running out of power every night. The first step was to strip out the old gear and wiring, the old batteries will be scrapped and recycled, the old working equipment will be sold off by the customer to recoup some of the costs. The customer's solar panels were upgraded to 20 new 250 watt panels and tilt frame added to the rear array for improved winter performance, an increase in capacity to 5kwatt and with a change to the latest Victron 250 100 MPPT a massive increase in charging efficiency.

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As feed-in tariffs are decreasing, the business case for a home energy storage system that increases self-consumption becomes more solid every day. Battery storage allows increased self-consumption of harvested solar and/or wind power.

The natural next step is 100% self-consumption and independence from the grid. Battery storage also provides power back up in the event the grid is down.

Linked below is an in-depth brochure published by Ian Conibeer here at Energy Connections that discusses the following; What is storage?, Forms of energy storage, Benefits of batteries, Pros & Cons of commercially available batteries, Applications for storage and Costs + Return on investment.  

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