Solar service Anti Islanding test

As part of our on-site solar service, we check the anti-islanding of your solar system.

The Anti islanding test is nothing to do with islands but refers to the operation of your Grid connected inverter, there is a strict requirement under the Australian standards that the inverter detaches from the grid and re-attaches to the grid in a set time. This requirement is for the safety of all concerned working on the grid, for example, if a grid-connected inverter fails to detach, someone working on the system or grid may be electrocuted. Whilst the cases of this occurring are very few there are some internal inverter failures that could allow the inverter to continue working. The likely hood of this occurring increases with older and cheaper inverters.

What do we do as part of our solar service?

The service that we do is to do a safety check on the system, visually check the rooftop solar, check and dismantle the lower DC switches, and breakers, reseal if required.

Check operation of inverter, test disconnect and reconnect times to comply with anti-islanding rules under the Australian standards, and as per the instructions from Ausnet.

Check and replace labels that are missing or faded.

Provide a receipt and written report.

The recommendation from the CEC Clean Energy Council and network providers is that the anti-islanding test is performed every 12 months.

If you require this service don't hesitate to contact our office.