A fairer price for solar feed in

In a huge win, the Victorian Labor Government has announced a fairer price for rooftop solar!

Thanks to the work of thousands of Solar Citizens across the state, the Government has kept their election promise and will instate sweeping reforms that recognize the real value that solar delivers to our communities.

So what happened?

  • From 1 July, the minimum feed-in price that households receive for their exported solar will more than double from 5c to 11.3c per kWh;
  • For the first time ever, the government has recognized (and price!) the value solar produces for the whole community through environmental benefits -- more rooftop solar means less dirty energy polluting our communities; and
  • They’ve also recognized that rooftop solar doesn’t create other kinds of environmental and health problems that you see with the mining, transporting and burning of coal. While they haven’t priced these benefits yet, there are provisions to do so in the coming years.

While our Federal politicians were stuck in the past, the Victorian Government is getting on with the job of ensuring our country is powered by clean, affordable, renewable energy.