Victron MPPT load output will not run my fridge

Common complaint that the load output will not run a fridge, the load output was only ever designed to run small resistive loads, a small fridge may have as much as ten time the surge  current as the manufacturer’s suggested “run current” . The Over load protection circuit will activate on such surges and therefore will not keep the load output running.


Response from Victron re MPPT Load output operation :



The mppt sees it as a short and engages the short circuit protection.

The only thing to be done is work around it: power the lamp directly from the battery. And to use the load output algorithm then add a relay.



- in summary; the load output is designed for resistive loads; and it is short-circuit protected. Because of that it is not possible to power (sizable) halogen lamps from it; even though you might expect so when looking at the Amp-rating of the lamp. Halogen lamps draw a multitude of their rated continuous amperage for a relatively long time; tripping the short circuit protection (with reason; without it the mppt could get damaged)

- same for certain fridges; and also inverters (capacitive loads).

- see Solar Charger manual for how to wire an inverter directly to the battery and still switch it on/off with the load output

- same applies to other loads which

- the disadvantage of wiring loads directly to the battery is that you then can't see their current draw any more in the VictronConnect app; or other visualisation. To work around that; install a BMV battery monitor.

- some may ask if its possible to disable the short circuit protection: the answer is no; thats not possible. The design is nice for most systems; but indeed has limitations and thats just the way it is.

- after switching the load off when short-circuit is detected, it will retry within a few seconds. So when you have a load (a halogen lamp, or a fridge, or anything else), that is being switched off and on every few seconds, disconnect it and wire it differently.


We at Energy Connections do not recommend that fridges, water pumps and inverters, be run directly from any of the victron range MPPT,s load out puts, such loads should only be run directly from the battery.


As mentioned above you could use a relay on the load output, these are cheap and readily available, (some basic electronic knowledge required) this wont allow the fridges load to be seen via the mppt, but will give you load disconnect functionality and this will be settable via the Free Victron Connect APP.


Going forward the best way to do this and see the fridges load will be to install a battery monitor.



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