Tiny houses

Energy connections has recognised the growing, popular trend of ‘Tiny homes. It comes with the recent movement of society becoming more environmentally friendly. Many have chosen to live off the grid in a tiny home/house to live sustainably in a financially and environmentally conscious way. Tiny homes are usually made of wood and are designed to maximise the utility of a small living space, a residential structure under 400 sq. ft is generally considered a tiny home.

Our installation division can custom design a solution to suit your individual needs and budget. Our experienced staff here at Energy Connections are more than happy to guide the design & installation options right for you, whilst also assisting with any further questions you may have.

Consider this Victron Case study in the Netherlands

The Tiny House in the photograph belongs to Marjolein Jonker. She lives in The Netherlands and has built her own Tiny House, together with a team of specialists. 

 Victron Equipment

The Tiny house of Marjolein is equipped with:

• EasySolar – All in one power solution

• 2 x 90A Lithium-ion batteries

• BMV-700 Battery Monitor

• Color Control GX

Why use Victron gear for your tiny home?

A wide range of Inverter/charger sizes and configurations

The Victron energy inverter/chargers range from 500VA all the way up to 15kva. Multiple units can be connected in parallel and/or 3 phase configurations.

Excellent remote monitoring & diagnostics tools

Victron’s remote monitoring website (VRM) can display all your systems in a comprehensive graphical format.  System settings can be changed via the portal and alarms can be arranged to be received by e-mail.

Wide range of Battery technologies

Victron sell their own brand of lead acid and lithium batteries. The also have a large range of GEL and AGM deep cycle batteries that come with a 2-year Victron warranty.

Unrivalled experience with battery storage systems

Victron energy was founded in 1973. Back then Victron started providing inverters for the marine industry. This quickly expanded to the land based automotive market. Victron therefore have an unrivalled length of experience with battery storage systems.

Exceptional 5-year Warranty

All Victron energy hardware (2yrs for batteries) come with an exceptional 5-year replacement or repair warranty.