About Us


Energy Connections is a specialist renewable energy company with many years of experience providing tailored solutions to meet customer needs. While we are a small company, we show personal interest and further individualized support that big time solar companies do not.  We have a showroom and retail outlet in Pakenham, Victoria, an outer suburb of Melbourne. We supply Stand alone or Off-Grid power systems and equipment.

We specialize in providing Money saving Solar solutions tailored to the individual. We design & supply high-quality Solar panels, inverters, and Battery backup systems. Our staff is highly trained in the design of off-grid solar systems.


Our diverse knowledge base also allows us to use renewable energy generation equipment to dramatically reduce home and business' electricity and energy costs, these reductions add up to great cost savings. Unlike other solar companies, we use the following products to achieve cost savings for our clients, Solar PV Panels, inverters, MPPT Solar charge controllers, and Batteries.

We have direct access to all manner of Renewable Energy products, supplying full "turn-key" solutions for most environments, including Schools, Homes, Business's, Mobile Caravan, RV and Camping.

It is our belief that a Renewable future is the answer, with our unique background in all aspects of Electronics & Project management. We have the necessary experience to set you in the right direction. For more information please call (03) 5941 4240.