Temperature and Humidity Datalogger

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Temperature And Humidity Datalogger

Panels & System monitoring


A must for anyone involved with food preparation or storage. This USB datalogger logs up to 32,000 readings (16,000 temperature, 16,000 humidity) in intervals of 2 seconds to 24 hours per reading. You simply set up the recording parameters you want with the included software then download the data when you need it. The data logger records at the prescribed intervals and will flash an alarm LED if the user-defined minimum or maximum temperature is exceeded. A mounting bracket is included with a screw or self-adhesive attachment. Countless applications including greenhouses, museums, warehouses, container storage, photography, archives, food preparation etc.


• Range: -40-70°C (-40-158°F), 0-100% relative humidity

• Accuracy:1°C (1.8°F) 3% relative humidity

• Resolution: 0.1°, 0.1% RH

• Memory: 32,000 samples

• Measurement Cycle: 2s - 24hr

• Battery life: 5 sec rate:12 months, 10 sec rate: 2.5 years

• Software compatible with 2000, XP & Vista

• Dimensions: 100mm(W) x 22mm(L) x 20mm (H)

Note: When the device is plugged in and detected by your operating system please manually choose a specific location for the driver then select the directory of your unzipped files.

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