Victron Energy Galvanic Isolator VDI-32A

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Victron Energy Galvanic Isolator VDI-32A

Isolation Transformers


The Galvanic isolator consists internally of two diodes which are connected in an anti-parallel fashion. When they are connected in this way, the diodes allow current in both directions but only above a certain threshold voltage. The voltage at which diodes conduct is about 1.4 VDC.

The isolator is installed directly your boat's 230V connection. The forward voltage from the galvanic isolator is higher than the potential for metals. As a result, this voltage will not allow conduction and as such, the galvanic isolator will prevent any electrolytic current. However, if there is a (higher) error voltage in the AC circuit, the diodes will allow current through and the residual-current device will break the circuit.


• Prevents Galvanic corrosion due to dissimilar metals between boats.

• Gold plated terminals provide superior corrosion resistance to marine environment.

• Block DC current from flowing through shore power cable.

• Ignition Protected

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