Victron Non-Inverting remote on-off cable

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Victron Non-Inverting Remote On-Off Cable

 Victron Cables

Use this cable to connect the following products to the VE.Bus BMS:

• Skylla-TG all models

• Battery protects models BP40i, BP60i and BP200i (all discontinued).

The cable translates the remote on/off driver logic from the VE.Bus BMS (normally high, and open circuit in case of an alarm) to the logic needed by above products: active pull down to switch off.

Cable Specifications:

Maximum input voltage: 70V

Maximum output voltage: 70V

Pull down: When input free floating (input will be pulled low by the remote on-off cable) or when the input voltage is less than approximately 2V.

Pull down current: Approximately 30mA (short circuit proof) 

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