Satellite Finder Kit

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Satellite Finder Kit


This is an instrument to make dish aiming a snap! Find satellites fast with our satellite finder and dave countless hours of frustration as you try to align your dish. This is the same meter installers have used for years but now available to the general consumer at a reasonable price. It's an absolute must for portable systems like those in RVs or anyone installing their own satellite dish.


• Frequency Range: 0.95-2.3 GHz

• Gain: 17dB

• Sensitivity*:7

• Power Supply: DC13-18V

• Operating Range**: LNB Gain =52=60dB

* Under the following test condition: LNB Gain=55dB, three carrier C/N =15dB

** Insert a 5dB attenuator when operating with LNB gain=60-65dB

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