Kordz PRO TOSlink cable 1.5m

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Kordz PRO Toslink Cable 1.5m


Toslink from (Toshiba link) is a standardized optical fiber connection system. Also known generically as an optical audio cable, its most common use is in consumer audio equipment (via a digital optical socket) where it carries digital audio stream from components such as; CD, DVD and Blu-ray players, computers, and modern video game consoles, to an AV receiver that can decode the stream of audio and output it through a set of loudspeakers. The optical signal is a red light carried over fiber cable. 


• The PRO series was designed for the custom installer to provide a solution that just works. Installers will appreciate the compact Toslink connectors and the secure click in fit.

• The design features a carefully aligned center pin and 1mm poly fiber conductor with polished ends, providing unhindered transmission over the length of the cable. The matte black PVC jacket is flexible and durable, suitable for both installation in-wall or to remain unobtrusively behind equipment.


• Tight tolerance for a secure connection.

• Shallow mounting depth connectors.

• 1mm poly fiber with polished ends.

• Flexible and durable matte black PVC jacket.

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