Neuton Tubular Plate Deep Cycle Sealed Gel Battery 2V 800Ah @C10.

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Neuton Tubular Plate Deep Cycle Sealed Gel Battery

Neuton Batteries

Product Features:

OPzV gel VRLA construction

A wide range of capacities available – up to 3000 Ah

Suited to long repeated discharge duty

Long Cycle Life*

• 1500 + to 80% DOD

• 2500 + to 50% DOD

• 5000 + to 25% DOD

 All banks of 12V and above come with free interconnecting cables.

 Wide operational temperature range: -20°C to 50°C.

 Proven Reliability

 Product Standards; Q/321284KCC 01-2006, DIN40742, IEC 60896-2, BS EN 61427-2002.

 OPzV batteries use tubular plate technology with gel as an electrolyte.

 Container and Cover Material: ABS plastic (imported from Italy)

 Tubular Plate with Lead-Calcium-Tin multi-alloy

 Specially sealed embedded copper core compound posts.

 Able to be mounted horizontally or vertically.

*Quoted cycle life and capacities based on ambient temperature of 25oC and dependent on operation in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.

Neuton Power Deep Cycle Batteries have a high cycling ability, high efficiency, and long service life. The batteries feature dual posts for install convenience and a maintenance-free design.


• 22cm x 24cm x 68cm

• Weight: 82kg


Deep Cycle Batteries are specifically designed for recreational applications such as:

• Caravans

• Camping

• Boats

• Marine

• 4WD

• Golf Carts

• Solar 

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