Victron Energy MPPT Control

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Victron Energy MPPT Control

The MPPT Control lets you see the status as well as set up all BlueSolar MPPT Charge Controllers that have a VE.Direct communications port. The new MPPT Control is mounted in the familiar BMV-700 series housing, maintaining a consistent and professional look to your panels and systems monitoring equipment.

Note: You will need to purchase a Victron VE.Direct cable to connect the charge controller and this unit. The unit does not come supplied with VE.Direct cable.

See the user and installation manual as well Victron MPPT Control blog post for more information.

To easily mount the MPPT Control on a wall, instead of flush mounted in a panel, use one of our wall mount enclosures. See the related products slider below.


• View live status information, including solar watts, battery voltage, charge current, load current and more. 

• View historical information
A. All-time values
B. 30-day historical values

• MPPT set up


MPPT Control

• Supply voltage range: 6.5 - 95 VDC (Battery powered) 5V (VE.Direct powered)

• Current draw, backlight off: <4 mA

• Operating temperature range: -20°C - +50°C (0°F - 120°F)

Supported MPPT's

• Models: All models with VE.Direct port, except the BlueSolar MPPT 70/15

• Software version: All software versions > =1.12

Installation & Dimensions

• Installation: Flush mount

• Front: 63mm diameter

• Front bezel: 69 x 69mm (2.7 x 2.7 inch)

• Body diameter: 52mm (2.0 inch)

• Body depth: 31mm (1.2 inch)

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