Case Studies

Case Studies

Raindeer Lodge


Here is one of Energy Connections latest installations for an Air BnB lodge located in Tanjil Bren, Victoria. A project to revitalize an older existing 24-volt system. The previous system had a large amount of exposed wiring leaving the system looking untidy. Our client wanted to give the Reindeer lodge a more professional look for his Air bnb customers enjoying their stay there.

The first step was to remove the existing off grid system and replace it with a newer larger system of 3.15w power output. The customers upgrade consisted of 10 x new 315-watt monocrystalline solar panels, a 48V inverter/Charger, Victron 150/60 MPPT, and 4x Power plus energy 48V 3.3kw Lithium batteries. The lodge’s natural roof tilt meant that the angle was optimum for improved winter performance.

The improved system was left looking much neater with minimal wire exposed, fewer products resulting in a tidy, safe and functional system. (refer to before and after images above).

Products that were used for the new 48-volt system were:

  1. – Victron Bluesolar 150/60 MPPT charge controller
  2. Multiplus 48V 5000VA/70.
  3. – Victron Orion-tr 48V/12V 30A
  4. - 10 x Seraphim 315-6MB Monocrystalline panels.
  5. – 4x Powerplus 48V 3.3kw LiFePo4 Batteries.
  6. - Victron Energy BMV 700 Battery Monitor.

Flooded Lead Battery System Revamped


This was the old flooded lead battery system with failed cells and took up a space of 1200mm by 2400mm and had to have distilled water added every couple of weeks and weighs 2000 kg (Left). 

The right image shows new lithium bank 5 x in cabinet takes up 800mm x 500mm and 1000mm high and comes with a 10 year warranty. 

Advantages: no Maintenance long life, less space, no fumes, 1/10 of the weight. 

Brochure for battery attached here: B2_-_PPE_LiFe_brochure_18-04.pdf

EMERALD MEDICAL CENTRE (EMC) On Grid With Battery Back-up


Energy Connections have worked together with the Emerald Medical center and have designed and installed a 30 k watt commercial solar system that will greatly benefit the facility and on average supply half of the centers 3 phase power requirements. The newly renovated center will serve the Emerald community with their mission of providing the highest standard of patient care and having their experienced staff of doctors and nurses committed to promoting health, well being and disease prevention to all patients. The staff offers a range of services from Pathology to Allied Health.

The system comprises 90 x 327 watt Sunpower solar panels mounted on several roof lines in between a multitude of equipment and obstacles including vents, skylights, and air conditioner compressors. 2 x 15 kwatt Fronius inverters made up the grid-connected solar component with these located in a purpose made service area located under the stairs, which also houses the battery backup system.

The most impressive part of the system is the battery backup system, this comprises of 2 x Sodium Nickel Chloride (SoNick) batteries and 3 x Victron 48V 8000VA Quattro inverters running in three phases. This backup system also has a generator input which will allow a pre-wired generator input on the back of the building to be used when extended outages occur.

The building's wiring and switchboards have been reconfigured so that certain circuits will function when and if the power goes out (in the hills this happens often). Dedicated backup circuits include the computers in reception, lights, server room including air conditioner, medicine fridges upstairs, front electric door, Phone and alarm systems, some consulting rooms upstairs and a couple downstairs. This backup will allow the center to function with basic facilities until the grid power has been restored, or a generator has been hooked up to the building.

The solar system will halve the center's power bills, reduce the center's reliance on dirty grid-supplied power and dramatically reduce its impact on the environment. The backup system will give them peace of mind and ensure that expensive medications will survive blackouts, allowing the center to function in an emergency.

Grid-Connected System Comprises:

The Battery Back-up System comprises:


Is He The Worlds First Off Grid Robotic Horse ?



An Off Grid System for Stanley

Energy Connections has teamed up with the International Institute of Dressage (IID) to supply a unique solution to run their training facility and possibly the worlds first all Off Grid robotic horse, Stanley (pictured above).   The IID was founded by Natasha Althoff, now a Grand Prix dressage rider, and has set up the institute in the small town of Garfield, Victoria. At the International Institute of Dressage, their focus is on coaching with Olympic dressage specialists to help riders that are looking to progress to the next level of their riding. The IID goes by their mission statement " To inspire, educate and support" therefore providing a goal-focused, supportive and high standard environment for the students and their dressage horses.

A recent new addition to the facility is Stanley the robotic horse and is being used as an eventing simulator for the students at IID. This training set up includes three flat screen TV's that face the rider during the simulation, with a few safety mats surrounding a fully saddled robotic horse, Stanley. He even has his own realistic mane and tail!

The original power requirements of the new facilities meant that a very costly transformer upgrade would have been required, this also meant costly service charges and ongoing electricity bills, with no guarantee of supply. The solutions go off the Grid, the system comprises 10 Kwatts of DC Coupled Solar and 10 Kwatts of DC Coupled solar, the facility also uses all LED,s and solar air conditioners.

 The completely Off Grid system, uses Victron Energy's products including  2 x 150/85 MPPT Blue Solar charge controllersQuattro 10 kVA inverter charger, BMV battery monitor and is monitored via a color control. The AC coupled component comprises of 2 x Fronius Primo 5, s controller by the Victron Quattro. Battery bank 48 volt sealed Gel batteries and back up power supplied by a large Cummins diesel automatic start 12 kVA genset.

The robotic black stallion is sure to make the International Institute of Dressage's training programs a fun and innovative way to learn and progress to the next level of their students riding.

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