Why Choose Victron Energy For Your System?

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Why Choose Victron For Your Set-up?


  1. Powered By Know-how.

With over 45 years of experience, Victron Energy knows what it takes to build backup and off - grid systems that stand the test of time and the environment. Victron’s modular, robust, and connected off-grid systems have been proven to deliver unequalled reliability time and time again, even in the harshest of climates. But it’s their unique combination of up-to-date hardened software, intelligent monitoring apps, the network of highly trained authorized professionals and widespread repair centres (see Victron Energy’s website) that turns a Victron Energy system into an unbeatable system, that is Powered by know-how.

  1. Reliability Powers Long Service Life Cycles

When making power supply investment decisions, calculations purely based on price can be deceptive. Their true performance and expected service life cycle are equally important. Good thing Victron equipment lives up to their specifications, both in terms of performance and expected life cycle (when used as designed). Victron Energy’s 5-year warranty and fair and fast repair policies mean your investments are protected and under most circumstances, won’t let you down.

  1. How Efficiency Translates Into Great Cost-effectiveness

With battery-based systems, efficiency is always key to providing great levels of cost-effectiveness. From the incredibly efficient SmartSolar Charge Controllers to the way the inverter/ chargers can provide a super-efficient Energy Storage or off-grid system, with a Blue Power system you can be sure that all the details are thought through. This, combined with Victron Energy’s reputation for extreme resilience and expected life cycles, translates into cost-effective solutions, especially when compared to ‘cheaper’ options.

  1. Intelligent Monitoring Means Optimized Systems

Monitoring is crucial to fine tune and optimize energy harvest and use based on ever changing circumstances. With Victron you can experience the power of know-how right from your hand. Through the industry leading and free VictronConnect app, you always have perfect control over your system from wherever you are. With Victron’s app and VRM portal you can monitor the complete system, change settings and catch potential issues early by programming alerts and alarms.

  1. Authorised Victron Energy Dealer

Energy Connections is proud to be an authorised Victron Energy dealer. Our staff are trained with the highest level of know-how, so we can translate your exact needs into robust solutions. We are ready and happy to help you with system design and, of course, can provide all the necessary and correct Victron Energy products for your system. From stock advice, installation recommendations, after-care and technical support for our customers.