Sodium Nickel Chloride Battery FIAMM SoNick

FIAMM Sonick battery formally known as Zebra batteries. This type of battery is the safest and most compact of all battery storage currently available for both domestic and Commercial storage applications. The design of the battery ensures safe operation and continued safety and by design has 2 types of mechanical protection, internal fusing and BMS Battery Monitoring System, which is internally able to take the battery "off Line" in the event of an internal or externally induced guilt.

The unique design also allows additional capacity to be added at a later date, simply add another battery, this can be done in multiple installations, and the new to an old unit can be "hot swapped" without interruption to supply.

The temperature range of the battery is the best in the market and the unit's efficiency performance and endurance are not affected by heat temp range -20 to 60° centigrade.

The unit uses readily available components, would support, can't and won't vent toxic or flammable gases, has internal BMS, which provides protection against the thermal runaway, short circuit, over voltage and under voltage conditions.  

FIAMM is one of the few companies that have and make readily available a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) on the soNick battery. 

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