Victron BMV 700 Battery monitor & Bluetooth Smart Dongle with free mounting box

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Victron Energy Kit - BMV 700 + Bluetooth Dongle + Free Mounting Box

Using the VE.Direct to Bluetooth Low Energy dongle you can display and configure your BMV on iOS and Android devices, using the VictronConnect app. View information wirelessly such as battery status and solar panel power, plus other useful data.

What's in the kit?

• BMV 700 Battery monitor( inc. Shunt, square bezel, RJ12 cable and positive supply cable)

• Bluetooth Smart VE.Direct Dongle

• Free Mounting box for the BMV 700

Battery 'Fuel Gauge' time-to-go indicator, and much more

The remaining battery capacity depends on the ampere hours consumed, discharge current, temperature and the age of the battery. Complex software algorithms are needed to take all these variables into account. Next to the basic display options such as voltage, current, ampere-hours consumed, the BMV-700 series also displays state of charge, time to go, and power consumption in watts.

Easy to Install

All electrical connections are to the quick connect PCB on the current. The shunt connects to the monitor with a standard RJ12 telephone cable. (included: 10m RJ12 cable and 2m battery cable with fuse) no other components needed. Also included are a seperate front bezel for a square or round display appearance, a securing ring for the rear mounting and crews for the front mounting.

Easy To Program

A quick install menu and a detailed set-up menu with scrolling texts assists the user when going through the various settings. Please consult the manual for details.

A battery bank consists of a string of series connected cells. The midpoint voltage halfway along the string. Ideally, the midpoint voltage would be exactly half of the total voltage. In practice, however, deviations will be seen dependent on many factors such as a different state of charge for new batteries or cells, different temperatures, internal leakage currents, capacities and much more. 

Large or increasing deviation of the midpoint voltage, points to improper battery care, a failed battery or cell. Corrective action following a midpoint voltage alarm can prevent severe damage to an expensive battery. 

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