ONCCY DC Mini Circuit Breaker 1P 250V Range

ONCCY DC Mini Circuit Breaker 1P 250V Range

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Product Data Sheet

Product Benefits

  • Overload and the short circuit protection function
  • Rated short circuit breaking capacity up to 10 kA
  • Non-polarity and Polarity both available
  • Rated Current In up to 63A
  • Rated Voltage up to 1000V
  • Designed for PV, energy storage and other DC applications
  • AS 60947.3:2018 and IEC 60947.2:2015 standard
  • 2 years warranty, product insurance, and recall insurance available


Electrical Safety: 

Some Electrical knowledge is assumed. If you are not familiar with DC high current circuits, you should not attempt to wire up any of these components. Employ a CEC certified off-grid solar installer to install these products for you. Energy Connections takes no responsibility for damage caused to equipment or persons as a result of improper installation with these, or any devices sold by us.