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The Cyrix battery combiner is a microprocessor controlled heavy duty relay that automatically connects batteries in parallel when one of them has reached a pre-set voltage (indicating that the battery is being charged), and disconnects when the voltage decreases below float level (indicating that one or more batteries are being discharged). Cyrix Battery Combiners are an excellent replacement for diode isolators. The main feature is that there is virtually no voltage loss so that the output voltage of alternators or battery chargers does not need to be increased.

The LiFePO4 Battery: Preventing Cell Under voltage, Over Voltage And Over Temperature

The first line of protection is cell balancing. All Victron LiFePO4 batteries have integrated cell balancing.

The second line of protection consists of:

• Shut down of the load in case of an imminent cell under voltage, and

• Shut down or reduction of the charging current in case of an imminent cell overvoltage, high temperature (>50°C) or low temperature (<0°C).

The VE.Bus BMS is the core of the second protection line.

However, not all loads or chargers can be controlled directly by the VE.Bus BMS. In order to shut down such loads or chargers several VE.Bus BMS controllable Cyrix switches are available.



The Cyrix-Li-Charge will connect a battery charger with 3 seconds delay:

• If the charge disconnects the output of the VE.Bus BMS is high, and

• If it senses 13.7V (resp. 27.4V or 54.8V ) or more on its battery charger connection terminal, and

• If it senses 2V or more on its battery terminal (The Cyrix will remain open if not connected to the battery).

The Cyrix-Li-Charge will disengage immediately whenever its control input becomes free-floating, signaling cell overvoltage or cell over-temperature. In General, a cell overvoltage alarm will reset shortly after charging has been stopped. The Cyrix will then reconnect the charger after a delay 3 seconds. After two attempts to re-engage with 3 seconds delay, the delay will increase to 10 minutes. Whenever battery voltage is less than 13.5V(resp. 27V or 54V), the Cyrix will disengage with a delay of 1 hour.

Note 1: In case of zero discharge current, or small discharge current, the Cyrix will not disengage shortly after the charger has been switched off and/or disconnected because battery voltage will remain higher than 13.5V.

Note 2: If, after the Cyrix has disengaged, the output of the battery charger immediately increases to 13.7V or more, the Cyrix will re-engage, with 3 seconds delay.


LED Status Indication:

LED On: Engaged, LED 10's flash: Disengaged

LED 2's flash: Connecting, LED 2's blink: Disconnecting

LED 0.25's blink: Alarm (over temperature; voltage >16V; both batteries <10 V: One battery <2V)

(Multiply by two for 24V)


Protection category: IP54

Weight: 0.27kg

Dimensions: 65mm (H) x 100mm (W) x 50mm (D)